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Ibrahimovic will get his place back Manchester Things To Do regardless of what Rashford does against West Brom. But it is at least a chance for the 19-year-old to prove he can be the type of goalscorer his manager is looking for. Rashford has started up front in Ibrahimovic's absence. Find out how to follow Manchester United vs West Brom live . Henrikh Mkhitaryan back He was on the bench against Middlesbrough, but only to make up the numbers. He came through international duty with Armenia unscathed and should return to the team against West Brom. He should be key. West Brom are likely to sit back and try to hit United on the break. Mkhitaryans pace will worry Tony Pulis, especially against a back four that are all good in the air but are not the quickest. Mkhitaryan scored for Armenia during the international break.

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